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April 17, 2015

Windsor nixes prayer before council following Supreme Court ruling

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Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens says the city will follow a Supreme Court of Canada ruling against beginning council meetings drew-dilkens-mayorwith a prayer.

Dilkens said there will not be a prayer at Monday’s council meeting. Essex County Warden Tom Bain also confirmed there will not be an opening prayer at Wednesday’s county council meeting.

“It’s something that we must abide by and live by and every municipality in Canada will be in the same boat as we are,” Dilkens said.

“It’s what the highest court in the land has told us to do and we’re going to follow that accordingly.”

The Supreme Court ruled Wednesday the municipal council in the Quebec town of Saguenay cannot open its meetings with a prayer.

In its ruling, the Supreme Court said Canadian society has evolved and given rise to a “concept of neutrality according to which the state must not interfere in religion and beliefs.”

“The state must instead remain neutral in this regard,” the judgment said.


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