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December 8, 2007

Our Wind Farm To Be Canada’s Largest

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Construction of Canada’s biggest wind farm could start in Essex County in 2009 if all approvals fall into line, a company spokesman says.

Wind Farm at SunsetThe $500-million Brookfield Power project is nearing the end of the environmental assessment approval process, and local planning approvals aren’t that far behind.

Brookfield operates what is now the country’s largest wind farm just north of Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.

In an interview Friday, Ian Kerr, a Gatineau-based senior manager for Brookfield, said the Ontario Power Authority is scheduled to call for proposals on wind energy in mid-2008.

Allowing three or four months for proposal preparation and approval, a construction start in 2009 is realistic, he said.

Brookfield has plans for 151 turbines within an 8,900-hectare or 22,000-acre leased area of Lakeshore, Kingsville and Leamington.

The much larger study area for the project — roughly 279,000 acres or 113,000 hectares — is bounded by Highway 401 to the north, County Road 18 to the south, County Road 27 on the west and County Road 1 to the east. Less than 400 acres would actually be needed for the turbines.

At this point, no turbines are proposed within Leamington but that could change. The turbine towers are 80 metres high and the three blades 41 metres long.

If all turbines are built, about 250 megawatts of power would be generated, enough to power 50,000 homes.

Mr. Kerr said the company welcomes the support for its project from Lakeshore and Kingsville councils, and residents affected — mostly farmers in the rural areas where land has been leased.

Lakeshore Mayor Tom Bain said farmers have told the town they were hoping for quick approvals and a start to the project in 2008. Many have said at public meetings the revenue from hosting wind turbines is much-needed given recent lean years for area farmers.

About $2 million in royalties will be paid annually to farmers with leases, plus $300,000 in municipal taxes.

A stack of documents about six inches thick comprises the research the company’s consultant, Stantec, undertook to get the provincial and federal environmental approvals needed. No significant environment effects were found, Stantec said.

Deadline for public comment on the environmental screening report passed Nov. 30. The environmental review by numerous government agencies should wrap up next year.

Essex County hopes to approve its official plan amendments to accommodate wind farms in early 2008. The county must also approve municipal official plan amendments dealing with wind power.

Lakeshore planning consultant Tom Storey said the planning and environmental assessment approval processes are separate, but have some overlap. Many of the studies done by a company for environmental screening will also be requested in the planning process, he said.

Mr. Storey, who’s overseen planning for wind power projects in Chatham-Kent, was impressed with the thoroughness of the research done by Brookfield.

“They do their homework,” he said. “There’s been no lack of effort.”

Lakeshore has submitted its official plan amendments to the county for approval, Mr. Storey said.

It’s not clear if the county will approve those before completing its own amendments, he added.

Mr. Kerr was hoping to see sharing of research and suggestions for changes to official plans as the process continues. He questioned the need for the county to duplicate research done by various proponents and municipalities.

Planners for the seven municipalities, including Mr. Storey, are assisting in the revision of Essex County’s official plan to deal with wind power.

While developers of large projects like Brookfield also have to wait for the OPA proposal call, some of the small wind farms seeking approval could get started earlier. The smaller projects are funded separately through an OPA “standard offer” for the power they generate.

Mr. Kerr said a big hurdle for the smaller companies is getting approval to connect to the existing electrical grid.

Based on average wind speeds and its flat terrain, much of Essex County is suitable for wind power projects.

Avoiding airports and noted birding areas like Point Pelee National Park, Holiday Beach Conservation Area and Hillman Marsh are concerns being addressed.

Lakeshore has proposed setbacks from homes and businesses of as much as 600 metres, depending on the specific zoning. For farms hosting turbines the setbacks are based on the height of the turbines to eliminate the risk of injury and damage to a home should one topple.
…this post forwarded by Windsor Humanist, Alexander Neil, after a December 8, 2007 article by Gary Rennie in The Windsor Star

~~~~~~~~~~~FOLLOW-UP POSTING – December 19, 2007~~~~~~~~

A bid to create Canada’s largest wind farm has hit a large snag.

A tie vote Monday at Kingsville council defeated bylaws that would have allowed large-scale wind farms in rural areas in the town.

Mayor Nelson Santos, who voted in favour of the bylaw changes, said he was disappointed and surprised. He expects the applicant, Brookfield Power, to appeal the decision to the Ontario Municipal Board.

“We basically gave the decision (on whether to allow large wind farms) to the OMB,” Mayor Santos remarked Tuesday.

Brookfield Power is proposing 151 wind turbines in Kingsville and Lakeshore. If successful in its applications, the company has said it would build Canada’s largest wind farm and construction could start in 2009. In early December, Kingsville council held a public meeting on changing its official plan and zoning bylaws to allow large-scale wind farms and to create a wind farm zone. In a 3 — 2 vote, council recommended the changes but the decision wasn’t to be finalized until late Monday night, when council voted on the specific bylaws. Then, the vote went 3 — 3, and a tied vote defeats a motion.

The tie was possible because this time all seven council members were present. However, the seventh vote wasn’t cast because Coun. Brad Stevenson declared a conflict of interest because he has a lease with the wind power company.

Mayor Santos said some members of council wanted to wait to see the pending county policies on renewable energy. But the next public meeting on those policies could be in February and any changes Kingsville makes to its official plan would need county approval in any case, he said. Council had to make the decision based on the best planning information it had, Mayor Santos said. Kingsville was considering its own wind power policy because Brookfield Power had applied to the town to allow the large project in the north end of Kingsville.

A spokesman for Brookfield Power couldn’t be reached Tuesday, and hadn’t indicated to the town whether it planned on appealing to the OMB.

In July, Lakeshore council called itself “progressive” when councillors unanimously voted to change its official plan and zoning bylaw to allow wind farms. Some of Kingsville’s policies were to be similar to Lakeshore’s policies. Kingsville was considering a minimum setback of 600 metres for turbines from a residential zone and wasn’t considering wind farms along the shoreline or near urban areas.

Councillors Gord Queen, Tamara Stomp and Chris Lewis voted against the bylaws. Mr. Queen said he wanted to table the bylaws but was ruled out of order because he had made a similar motion to defer at the last meeting. Mr. Queen said he was concerned about having a large enough buffer zone around the Jack Miner Bird Sanctuary to protect migrating birds.
…this post forwarded by Windsor Humanist, Alexander Neil, after a December 19, 2007 article by Sharon Hill in The Windsor Star


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