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December 3, 2007

Indo-British Women Returning To India to Abort Unwanted Females

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Pressure to have sons is prompting some Indian-born women to return from Britain to India to abort unwanted unborn daughters, according to a BBC investigation.

BBC Asian Network radio, which is aimed at British Asians, said “selective sex abortion” is still widespread in the sub-continent, despite being outlawed, but is also being used by some women living in England and Wales.

The special report — Britain’s Missing Girls — includes an interview with one British-born Indian mother, who has three daughters, who said she went to New Delhi to have a termination last year.

She said she had no difficulty finding a gynecologist there who was willing to perform a scan to determine whether her unborn baby was also a girl, then perform an abortion.

A pregnant British-Indian woman was also sent undercover to several doctors in the Indian capital for a gender scan. Three doctors agreed to it despite knowing the woman was likely to abort her baby if it was found to be a girl.
…this post forwarded by Windsor Humanist, Alexander Neil, after a December 3, 2007 documentary by Sanjiv Buttoo broadcast over The BBC Asian Network – listen to documentary here 

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