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July 20, 2007

Hungarian Humanist Party organizes country’s first “gay” marriage

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On Monday, July 16, 2007, the Hungarian Humanist Party sponsored Hungary’s first openly “gay” marriage as Éva Moór and Réka Kinga Papp embraced and kissed for the cameras in front of parliament, as they accepted one another’s hand in a “symbolic marriage.”

The event was organized by The Hungarian Humanist Party (website here) as a reaction to assaults on gays and lesbians during Budapest’s Pride celebration. Both Éva Moór and Réka Kinga Papp are not only humanists but also heterosexual women. Spokespersons for The Hungarian Humanist Party said it is “symptomatic of the sorry situation facing gays in Hungary that the words ‘gay’ and ‘married’ must be placed between inverted commas.”

Katalin Lévai, a Socialist MEP, has called for Hungary’s civil code to be changed to allow same-sex marriages. She said that this was not even a question in many EU member states, but there needed to be a “change of political will in Hungary and greater support on the part of mainstream society.”

The ceremony took place at Batthyány tér (Batthyány Square – immediately across from Hungary’s Parliament Bldgs.), and police were present to make sure there were no disturbances or repeats of the following weekend’s violence. Budapest Police are investigating incidents of assault that took place during, and after, the Gay Pride march held on the weekend of July 7.

The police posted the announcement on its website and said it would investigate reports of extreme right wing groups having thrown eggs and sand bags at gay and lesbian marchers, and also examine the reported beating of some 12 people as they were leaving the event.

The investigation was requested by András Léderer, leader of New Generation, the youth arm of the junior coalition Alliance of Free Democrats (SzDSz). Lederer said he was “convinced that it was the hatred-inciting slogans that anti-gay protesters chanted during the march, which led to physical incidents,” MTI reports.

Following the march and alleged assaults, gay groups demanded that the police launch an investigation. The Rainbow Mission Foundation and other gay rights organizations made a statement that “far-right counter-demonstrators attacked those peacefully taking part in the gay demonstration, intimidated them and physically assaulted them.”
…this post forwarded by a Windsor Humanist, Alexander Hodgins, after a July 18, 2007 article in The Budapest Sun

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