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July 16, 2007

“Faith-based health” in cottage-country leaves many Ontarians without access to reproductive-related medicine – now that’s SICKO!

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The Midland-area of Ontario might soon be left with one hospital system – and a Roman Catholic-based one at that – if current plans by the North Simcoe Hospital Alliance  to merge The Huronia District Hospital (a secular hospital) with The Penetanguishene Hospital (a Roman-Catholic hospital) take place. The resulting hospital would be operated under the Roman Catholic hospital’s administration.

Huronia District Hospital is presently the only hospital in the Georgian Bay area from which those Ontarians can obtain reproductive medicine services/procedures (i.e. abortion; tubal ligations; vasectomies; In Vitro Fertilization procedures; etc.) with some Ontarians traveling from as far away as Collingwood, Ontario to obtain this care from Huronia District Hospital.

It’s rightly feared that these services will no longer be available to these Ontarians, as the allianced hospitals begin operating under solely the ‘catholic-model’. It’s also feared that other procedures, like ‘end-of-life care’, certain transplantation procedures, and of course, medical research, will be drastically effectively as the Roman Catholic hospital takes over administrative decisions for healthcare in the region.

Should this amalgamation take place, Ontarians living in this area of our province would need to travel to as far as Barrie and/or Toronto to obtain these basic reproductive health-care procedures – yet again even here, travel costs to patients have not be addressed (and are not covered) in the regional hospital budget – nor does the Ontario Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care plan to include some kind of assistance for secular Ontarians who require these basic services. Click here to listen to a 10-minute podcast broadcast over CBC Radio-One’s “Ontario Today” (in RealAudio).
…this post forwarded by a Windsor Humanist (Neil.Hod.) after a July 16, 2007 broadcast piece given by Rita Celli over CBC Radio-One on ‘Ontario Today’.

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