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June 27, 2007

Anglicans feel same-gender couples ‘not yet’ ready ~ Thoughtful WWF star leaves Bible on pillowside after suffocating wife & 7-yr old son

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In two otherwise unrelated incidents, WWF star, Christ Benoit (aka ‘The Canadian Crippler”),  left Bibles beside both murdered bodies of his wife and his 7-yr old son who’d he just suffocated in perhaps his last act of Christian charity, before taking his own life, meanwhile Rev. Bob Chandler of St. Matthew’s Anglican Church in Windsor ‘isn’t surprised’ that the Canadian synod found same-gender marriage ‘not yet’ acceptable due to the Global Anglican Communion. ‘Their chief role is to preserve the unity of the church’  (articles below…)
The pro wrestler known as ‘The Canadian Crippler’ killed his wife and seven year-old son and placed Bibles beside their bodies before hanging himself in his weight room, police said Tuesday.

Chris Benoit, Nancy Benoit and their young son, Daniel, were found dead Monday in their Atlanta-area home.

Lieut. Tommy Pope of the Fayette County sheriff ’s office told reporters that Nancy Benoit and their 7-yr old son, Daniel both died of asphyxiation.

The deaths have been ruled a doublehomicide/suicide, Lieut. Pope said.

It’s believed Nancy Benoit, 43, whose body was found in a family room, was killed Friday, said Fayette County District Attorney Scott Ballard. Her feet and hands had been bound. Scott Ballard said it’s believed the boy, whose body was found in bed, wasn’t killed until the next day.

Chris Benoit, 40, apparently hanged himself late Saturday night.

“I’m baffled why anybody would kill a seven-year-old,” said Scott Ballard.

“It strikes me as somewhat bizarre that perhaps (Chris Benoit) even would be in the home with their deceased bodies,” he said.

No suicide note has been found. “There were a lot of prescription medications that he had received from doctors,”  Lieut. Pope said of the contents of the home. Anabolic steroids were also found. One local wrestling promoter says he will never understand what his longtime friend did, but cannot forget how Chris Benoit offered a helping hand.

“Chris helped me a great deal when I first travelled to the U.S. for World Championship Wrestling in ’93,” Scott D’Amore said Tuesday. “He helped me adjust and made sure I knew my way around. He continued to always offer a helping hand when I saw him through the years. And he was somebody who I respected and admired as a performer.

“Right now I just find myself numb with shock.”

Scott D’Amore, who helped found Border City Wrestling in Windsor and who works as a producer with Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling in the U.S., last met with Chris Benoit at a restaurant a few weeks ago in London.

“We had lunch and a great conversation,”
Scott D’Amore said. “He was upbeat. We exchanged numbers and he said he wanted to make a concerted effort to stay more in touch with people.”

Scott D’Amore said he did not detect anything amiss.



A vote in favour of same-sex unions could have meant Canada’s expulsion from the rest of the global Anglican church, but a Windsor deacon says he still wishes bishops had blessed gay marriages.

“I wished the vote had gone in favour,” said Rev. Bob Chandler of St. Matthew’s Anglican Church.

“But at the same time, I would have shuddered at the consequences.”

During its national synod in Winnipeg on the weekend, a divided Anglican Church of Canada decided not to allow priests to bless the partnerships of same-sex couples.

A majority of the 300 delegates agreed to the blessing of same sex ceremonies, but church law requires separate majorities among priests, laity and bishops. The priests and laity approved the change, but Canada’s 40 bishops voted it down with a two-person majority.

The 15 delegates from the diocese of Huron, which includes Windsor, including Bishop Bruce Howe, were travelling back from Winnipeg on Tuesday and unavailable for comment.

“I would have been delighted if the vote had gone in favour,” said Rev. Chandler, who wasn’t at the synod.

“I’m not surprised it did not. Bishops tend to be a rather conservative bunch.”

Despite that, Rev. Chandler said he believes there is a growing acceptance of same-sex unions within the Anglican church, including priests and parishioners. He said he was “encouraged” by the votes from the clergy and laity camps. He called it progress.

“That vote augers well for the future acceptance of same-sex unions,” said Rev. Chandler. “The synod’s move this year is a matter of moving from ‘no’ to ‘not yet.’

“Before this synod, I would have thought that most of the church would have said no.… Eventually, it will happen that same-sex blessings are approved by the church. I have no question about that.”

If that happens, he added, there will likely be consequences. A vote in favour of same-sex unions would have meant a “major split” in the world Anglican Church, said Rev. Chandler.

The Canadian and U.S. churches — considered independent provinces of the global Anglican Communion — have been at the forefront of the same-sex debate. But the more conservative sections of the church in parts of Africa, Asia and Latin America have little tolerance for the idea.

“They are vehemently opposed to the blessing of same-sex unions,” said Rev. Chandler. “They consider same-sex unions a sin. There has been a threat to oust the Canadian and American provinces.”

Rev. Chandler said it’s possible that some bishops were thinking about those consequences when they cast their votes.

“Their chief role is to preserve the unity of the church,” he said. “That probably is uppermost in their minds.”


…this post forwarded by a Windsor Humanist (N.Hod) after June 27, 2007 articles by Craig Pearson (Bedside Bibles) and Trevor Wilhelm (Anglican intolerance of love between gays) in The Windsor Star

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