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May 29, 2007

Ban Urged on ‘Priest-Child Visits’

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Sylvestre Abuse Victim says: End Practice of Clergy Being Alone with Kids

With the London diocese’s new sexual abuse policy long overdue, 47 victims of pedophile priest Charles Sylvestre have petitioned the bishop to immediately ban clergy from being alone with children.

But abuse survivor KellyAnne Appleton said their call for open confessionals and an end to children being alone with priests in other private places has been refused since petitioning the diocese in late April.

She said the diocese must immediately implement these measures because its new sexual abuse policy — setting rules for adults dealing with children and vulnerable people — still hasn’t been released for public input months after the target date.

“The diocese still allows priests to be alone with children in closed rooms,” said Ms. Appleton.

“There is no other institution I’m aware of that still allows that — schools, boy scouts, organized sports. Many of the girls abused by Father Sylvestre, it was done in a confessional. Why can’t you implement these measures right now? They don’t cost money and all they do is protect children.”

Charles Sylvestre, 84, died in prison in January after pleading guilty to sexually abusing 47 girls in parishes across southern Ontario. Police have said at least 56 victims came forward.

In the wake of that case, the diocese began revising its sexual abuse policy. It was slated for release in February for public input.


…this post forwarded by a Windsor Humanist (N.Hod) after a May 29, 2007 article by Trevor Wilhelm in The Windsor Star

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